Monday, June 28, 2010

Stitches Out!

We followed up with the oral pathologist at MCG today. Rob had stitches from his biopsy that had to be removed, and the pathologist discussed his biopsy findings (in depth) with us.

Lots of tumors are staged with the TNM system. Tumor (size of tumor), Nodes (different designations determined by what nodes are involved and where they are), Metastasis (are there any distant metastasis sites). That's probably not the most technical description, but you get the idea. Anyhow, the "T" is the only part we know right now, and Rob's lesion is a "T1". This means the lesion is less than 2 cm in size! That's a GREAT thing.

After we see the tumor board on Thursday, we should know when additional tests will be done. Specifically, tests to determine if any nodes are involved.

There's no question that the remainder of the lesion has to be removed. The procedure to do this is called a partial glossectomy. In layman's terms: removal of part of the tongue.

Rob's plan is to "have the lesion removed, maybe have a little radiation and be done!" If you know Rob, he has an amazing faith in God, and a remarkably optimistic outlook on everything:) Two characteristics that are amazingly beneficial all of the time, but especially now.

You know how when you're on the phone and you need to get off for something important like going to the bathroom or catching a show on TV you always say: "Well, I'll let you go now......." That's kinda how blogging feels. You dump out the facts and think, " do I end this?" So, I think I'll end with this. Please keep us in your prayers!!!

I'll let you go now...............


  1. I am glad you are starting out with some good news. I know you will hear it a lot...stories of people who have gone through similar "situations" and made it. But when it is someone you love, it may or may not be any consolation to know others have been through it. But I want you to know, you have lots of people pulling for you two, and hopefully that in itself is some consolation. I am not sure if you know what I am saying or not, but I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, if that counts for anything.

  2. Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you both and keeping you in my prayers. Even though you explained it really well, I still don't get a lot of the technical stuff but I'm relieved to hear you say it's good news! I'm also glad you both have a strong Faith in God. I truly believe that's a very important part of everything. If He can bring you to it, He can get you through it! **hugs**


  3. Oi! After posting a long post, they ask for me to sign in, when I did my posy was gone! Lol!

    The short version, (lucky you,) is that you know as well as !, that stage one is way good. That was what I had and the Dr. told me that was the Cadillac stage!

    Prayers are still in order! Whether people call it "good vibes," or whatever they choose, it's still prayer! Prayer works, as Rob knows.

    Kick that cancer's rear end, Rob, kick it good!

  4. Glad to hear the good news!!! Prayers and good vibes coming ya'lls way! Hang tough and call me if you need some "bike therapy" or just to get out for a while!

  5. Hi Rob and Christy,

    We are so happy to hear the good news! We are sending lots of prayers your way. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always.

  6. OK. Gonna see if I can post a comment here, but if not, you'll of course hear from me on FB. Please feel free to call at odd hours and scream, yell, laugh, or whatever. I don't always answer the phone, but I have no problem with calls at anytime. If you need to leave a message, that's fine as well. Just want to give you that option, especially sometimes when it's late at night and all the scaries come out to play in our minds. You know I keep weird hours.

    You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Rob does have an awesome outlook, and, from everything I've ever read about cancer, that can be a great help.

    Just thinking of you and pulling for you both. I know your surgery was technically "last" year, but it hasn't even been a year since that, has it? Y'all have been through the ringer lately. You both have such wonderful senses of humor that I think that has kept you both as sane (or insane in a very healthy way) as you are.

    Love to you both.

  7. Janice, my surgery was in September:( We need a break from medical stuff.....We're not old enough to go to Dr. appointments twice a week! Laura, I totally get what you're saying:)Jo Anne, you whipped cancer, and Rob will TOO!!! Cindy, thanks! Kelly, thank you so much for following and praying for us. Allison, don't worry about the technical stuff! You know we use too many acronyms and big words in the medical field. UGH. Janice, that's exactly what I thought!!! "She stays up late AND she's in an earlier time zone!" You are so right about the scaries coming out at night. Its just a lonelier time when you're the only one who can't sleep.