Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning

This morning I got my NG tube out. Haveing the tube prevented me from only drinking from a straw. Now, I will do better with my water consumption. I am still not very hungry I am working on a Ensure Plus today(I just drink a little all day). I have re-discoved Fruit Coctail I remember why I liked so many years ago. If you have not had some in while get some.
We are waiting on Dr. Jackson to come by. We do not know if she will have Lymph nodes results today or not. (I hope she does have it). Pretty sure I can go home today If I want to. The problem is she normal takes staples out at 10 Days. So we would have to drive back up to Augusta on the 23.

I have tube on the side of my neck that drains gross junk. It has started to drain more lately because I have been more active walking down the hall two times a day.(go me) We have got to figure out what to do with it let it drain till Friday or what.

So My prayers this afternoon are For God to give me a Lymph report and that it would be clean. What we need to do about driving back and forth to Augusta for drain and staple removal.


  1. Hi Rob,

    I'm Christy's friend in CA. Been praying for you and am so pleased at the progress so far.

    You guys go home and spoon together in bed. It's bliss after not being together.

    Buy some new music or a book on tape to listen to on the drive back to Augusta!

    You're in my prayers tonight for a good lymph node report! I have a good feeling about it! :-)

    Get a good sleep! xx jo

  2. Thank you so much Jo! It is wonderful to be back home, and have a CLEAR report on the lymph nodes!