Friday, July 16, 2010

Rob has more energy!

Rob had a good day! He's had more energy, but has still slept A LOT. Also, he hasn't watched TV any, but did at least pick up his laptop for about 10 minutes today. He walked, ate a tiny cup of fruit cocktail, drank more water, took a shower (kinda). Doesn't sound like a lot, but it IS a lot for him right now. The speech pathologist came to see him and was pleased with his speech and swallowing abilities. He's having to make some minor adjustments to his eating pattern, such as drinking a swallow of water after every bite, but long-term he shouldn't have any problems. Right now, eating is painful, and he has no appetite. He had hoped this would be the "jumping off" point for losing some weight, and I think it will.

Ginger said we saw "a glimmer of the old Rob today." Especially, seeing him propped up with his laptop in his lap. She also noticed him using familiar facial expressions when trying to convince me that he would be FINE and I should go to the hotel to get some sleep. Ginger is planning to go home tomorrow, and I think we have the worst behind us. I certainly hope so!!!! Corinne, Ginger's 5 year-old daughter, said "I've almost forgotten how you look." We sent her a picture today, and her daddy, Jason, assured her that she would be sleeping in her own bed tomorrow night.

I've had several people offer to come and help, and I cannot thank you enough for the offers. If I see that I need ya'll, I will definitely call! It is comforting to know that I have a sweet first cousin, Micah, who lives here, and the friend who introduced me to Rob.....the ONE AND ONLY Susan Johnson Holstrom, lives very close! So, I have friends/family that can be here within minutes, rather than 2 hours like the majority of our friends and family. I also have the comfort of knowing that God is with me. He's been here from the very beginning and has walked with us through every step of this. I still don't understand why Rob had cancer, and I may never, but I know that God is with us. If you want to read about a real miracle, check the blog: finally settled in and good news.

When Dr. Lana "Legs" Jackson rounded today, she told Rob she plans to keep him until at least Monday. He's fine with that, and so am I. We are NOT looking forward to the 2 hour ride home.

Ginger is trying to go to sleep so she says: "Tell them they know enough now. They can get the rest tomorrow!"

So, bye:)


  1. Love to you and Rob. Glad there is good news.

  2. It's so encouraging to hear all the great news.
    I'll let the kids know!
    Love ya!