Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Funday

They stopped Rob's tube feeding this morning. His appetite hasn't been good. Dr. Jackson says the lack of appetite is understandable, since he's getting a lot of his calories thru the NG tube. His JP drain, in his neck, is putting out more than yesterday, and it's also "thicker". She's not so thrilled about this, so he probably won't be losing the drain today. He is down to one IV site and they are only using it for antibiotics. So, when this bag of antibiotics is complete, we'll be able to walk the halls with NO IV POLES OR PUMPS!

He sat up and tinkered on the computer for a while this morning and then ate some lunch. He's now snoozing peacefully.

We still have not heard from the pathologist regarding the lymph nodes that were removed during surgery. Dr. J. had told us it would take a week, and it looks like it's going to. Please pray that ALL of the nodes will come back negative!!! That would mean Rob's treatment for this is over:)

I'll keep you updated as things change.

If you'd like to follow on Facebook, I'm listed as Christy Henderson Jackson and Rob is under Rob Jackson. I've done a pretty good job of giving little updates on my page. So, you wouldn't have to wait for me to remember to add to the blog. Yesterday, I was just so tired and fell asleep. Sorry for keeping you waiting:(

Well, I'll let you go now.......................

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